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Smart room using smart bracelets on the visitor to control the surrounding objects, depending on the person's personal parameters
About project
ARoom is a smart room that adapts to a person's needs, using a person's personal parameters, read from a smart bracelet and creates favorable environmental conditions. The technology is based on receiving data from a person - pulse, temperature and modes, processing information using Machine Learning, and providing a comfortable AR (augmented reality) environment. So, it is possible to turn off the light, the TV in the room, if a person falls asleep, to maintain a favorable climate with the help of an air conditioner, to turn on the kettle when lifting and to set water in the bathroom. All these actions are carried out automatically, based on measurements of personal user data. This technology can be useful for implementation in hotel rooms to improve the quality of customer service.
Technical solutions
System structure
We have worked out the optimal structure of the system:
1. Getting information from a smart user bracelet
2. Information processing using machine learning
3. IoT devices that control the inclusion of various devices, depending on user parameters
Smart bracelet
Connects to the system at the entrance to the smart room.
Reads user information and sends encrypted for processing to IoT devices
Does not require actions from users, but only creates additional comfort.
IoT devices
Receive information from the user's smart bracelet
Processing information according to algorithms and machine learning
Turn on / off various devices (lights, TV, kettle, water, refrigerator, depending on the user's needs
Technology benefits
Augmented Reality
The technology does not require actions from the user, only its parameters.
Ease of implementation
To switch to the use of technology, you should not change all the equipment, but only add regulatory IoT devices.
The technology can be combined with any smart bracelets and smart watches users.
The project team. Members Budapest AccorHotel Hackathon 2018
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