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A tool to authorize users on a private blockchain and perform actions anonymously inside the blockchain
About project
AuTHings is a decentralized system that provides anonymous authorization and network activity. The system is implemented using the smart contract language of the Ergo Blockchain platform, which can be transferred to a private Blockchain created within the company on HyperLedger. The use of the system - as an identification of the person when the doors are opened, without leaving traces inside the blockchain. It is also possible to introduce in the company a system of anonymous addressing of employees to the management.
Technical solutions
System structure
We have worked out the optimal structure of the system:
1. Private Blockchain is created within the organization or using the Ergo algorithm
2. The system generates keys for anonymous authorization and access
3. When accessing, each user is verified with a key, gets access and does not leave any traces in the system
4. Information enters directly and opens the door.
Private blockchain
For the operation of the system, a private anonymous Blockchain is created, or the Ergo Platform system is used.
The system generates individual anonymous access keys and issues them to users.
When using a private key, the system verifies the user and opens access.
At the same time, only a hash from the user himself is recorded in the Blockchain, which is impossible to decrypt, and therefore know the user's identity
IoT devices
Devices request information from a smart private network contract
As soon as they receive confirmation, they open access to the system.
Do not have information about the user, which means that they can not be hacked and find out the personal history of user visits
Technology benefits
A person with access interacts with the network and leaves no trace behind.
Thanks to blockchain technology, information about access time and identity is encrypted without the ability to decrypt
Connection with reality
Communication through a smart contract with IoT-devices for opening doors, safes.
The project team. Winners Unblock Hackathon 2018.
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