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Creating a smart contract for conducting settlements with Schneider Electric customers based on data obtained from energy metering devices.
About project
1. The financial settlement between Schneider Electric and customers takes about 9 hours for each party to verify and sign documents
2. The settlement is carried out through a bank with a commission.
3. Preparation of documents with costs for all services costs 30,000 rubles for one party.
4. On average, such an operation occurs once a year.
5. Savings for one company is about 60,000 rubles.
6. Taking into account the simultaneous management of a large number of companies, the savings can reach several million rubles.
Technical solutions
System structure
We have worked out the optimal structure of the system:
1. Smart contract is created by the owner - Shneider Electrics
2. Shneider Electrics makes a deposit in a smart contract. The customer, the legal department, the economic department, the technical technician and the experts set the parameters of the smart contract on the basis of which the final settlement will be calculated by the end of the billing period.
3. IoT sensors read information about consumed resources and send to smart contract
4. At the end of the billing period, the smart contract automates the recalculation between Shneider Electrics and the customer company without human intervention.
Smart contract
It is located in the blockchain network, implements a secure interaction of agents: owner, customer company, IoT devices.
Accepts a deposit from the owner at the beginning of work, receives information from the sensors and deducts payment for resources from the deposit, returns the earned money to the owner if the project to reduce energy saving has been successful, it will settle in case of controversial issues.
IoT devices
Requesting information from a smart contract. Open / close access to resources.
Read and transmit information about the amount of resources spent in a smart contract, with a certain frequency.
Technology benefits
Accelerated settlement process
Automating the process of calculating contractors with the customer using smart contracts helps reduce the amount of human resources needed.
Open data and history allows you to track the entire workflow. The blockchain technology allows you to guarantee the authenticity of each individual document.
Flexible cost
The rent payment is calculated by a smart contract based on the information on the resources expended received from the IoT devices.
The project team. Winners Energy Hackathon 2018.
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