The system on the blockchain, which allows you to track the transport of goods and guarantees the delivery of the original goods from the manufacturer to the consumer
About project
CryptoAnchors is a decentralized system that monitors product delivery throughout the supply chain and guarantees originality from the manufacturer to the final customer. To solve the problem, simple IoT sensors with an original key are used, which are attached by the manufacturer to the product. Then, at each stage of delivery, the originality of the goods is checked by reading the key and sending it to the Blockchain for a smart contract. Thus, information on the trajectory of movement of goods is recorded in the blockchain. In the case of a fake sensor, it stops working and the product is considered non-original. This system is implemented on the Ethereum open blockchain, but can be transferred to a private Blockchain within one company.
Technical solutions
System structure
We have worked out the optimal structure of the system:
1. Smart contract is created by the manufacturer for the product.
2. IoT sensor with a personal key to the product is attached by the manufacturer
3. The product goes through all stages of a complex supply chain and is delivered to the final buyer.
4. The buyer checks the originality of the product and the entire history of its delivery.
Smart contract
It is in the blockchain network, accepts information about the original product from the manufacturer
Receives and verifies the code at each stage of the supply chain.
Records the time and location of the goods in each paragraph. in blockchain.
Pulls out of the blockchain all the information about this product.
IoT devices
Attached to the product by the manufacturer.
Send information to the smart contract at each stage of delivery
They contain only a private key that is transmitted, so simple and cheap.
In the event of damage, they do not transmit a signal, which indicates product hacking
Technology benefits
Thanks to the cipher and writing in the blockchain chain, the final buyer and manufacturer can verify the originality of the product.
Thanks to the blockchain technology, the entire transaction history is recorded and it is always clear who is responsible for the product at what point. The person responsible for the product makes a deposit in advance for a smart contract equal to the value of the product.
The ability to track the time, place and responsible for the product at any time
Winners Crypto Bazar Hackathon 2018.
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