Development and implementation of MVP

Develop MVP product as soon as possible
Implement an existing solution
Product support after delivery
Our offer
Product MVP Development
Together with experts from the market, we are creating MVPs in the field of blockchain, mobile applications, chat bots, websites and web servers.
Our team won a large number of competitions and hackathons.
Implement existing solutions
We will evaluate the benefits of introducing the technology based on market analysis and successful cases in this area.
We compose a roadmap for the implementation of technology.
We will carry out product support for several months after delivery.
What technologies do we work with?
Unity 3D
Our cases
Objective: create a prototype of joint purchases

Product Description:
The app allows users to add other people as friends. When making purchases, the client can send a push notification to all his friends that he is in the store, after which his friends can send their shopping list to this client in real time.

The result of work:
- React-native application
- NodeJs server
Objective: to develop a pilot project for the sale of electricity through the blockchain

Product Description:
A web application that monitors the sale of energy, conducts offchain transactions in the Ethereum network, allows you to flexibly configure the energy cell, monitors the state of the cell using the mqtt protocol.

The result of work:
- NodeJs server
- Web application
- Smart Contract
- Installed server on Rasberry PI
Mobile app
Objective: create an application that can predict compatibility

Product Description:
The application allows you to enter the date and time of birth of two people, after which compatibility with each other is compiled on natal charts.

The result of work:
- Android application
- Java server
Web site
Task: create a website
Product Description:
Business card site for investment management company
The result of work:
- Web site
Who we are
Graduates of top universities in Russia (Moscow State University, MIPT). Multiple winners of international competitions and hackathons
Anton Pecherkin
Project Manager
Ruslan Kanzeparov
Systems Analyst
Ivan Pankov
Java developer
Alexander Sokolov
Rust developer
Klimenty Kireev
IoT developer
Grigory Melnikov
Solidity developer
Nikita Israel
Frontend developer
Kezhik Kyzyl-ool
Frontend developer
1st place for the best blockchain game. Belarus, Minsk
Winners of the OpenTrends track. Spain, Barcelona
Hack Jacobs
Winners of the track Most Disruptive Technology. Germany, Bremen
The winners of the track from the company "Auchan". Russia, Moscow
Hackathon winners. Russia, St. Petersburg
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