A tool to reduce costs in network companies.
A system of bonuses based on a smart contract that allows you to encourage respectable energy consumers and punish violators of the established regime.

About project
Electro is a decentralized system that allows you to enter into a smart contract between a network company and a large consumer, which will record the predicted interval of electricity consumption, bonuses for observing the interval, as well as penalties for leaving it, or emergency shutdown of the system. The system works in the blockchain's open network - Ethereum, but can be transferred to a private blockchain - Hyperledger. It consists of a smart contract that manages the system and embedded IoT devices in the system to measure resources, send information to the Blockchain and make changes to the system.
Technical solutions
System structure
We have worked out the optimal structure of the system:
1. A smart contract is created by a network company.
2. The consumer receives a fixed bonus at the beginning of the period, which is spent in case of non-compliance with the mode. At the end of the period, the bonus is converted into a discount on the use of the system in the future.
3. IoT sensors read information about consumed resources and send to smart contract
Smart contract
It is located in the blockchain network; it implements secure interaction of agents: network company, consumer, IoT devices.

Charges a fixed bonus to the consumer at the beginning of work, receives information from sensors and deducts payment for violations from the deposit, allows you to convert and manage bonuses at the discretion of the network company.
IoT devices
Requesting information from a smart contract. Transfer information about the consumed electricity in a smart contract. Send information about the emergency shutdown system.
Solvable problems
Equipment depreciation
Automatic penalty in the form of withdrawal of bonuses in case of a network outage
Overload and underload of network sections
Encouraging network members to comply with the network mode by introducing bonuses for bona fide users. Planning for the distribution of the load on the network.
Personal bonus system
There is no need to invest the cost of depreciation of equipment in the cost of electricity. Only violators will pay. The motivation to create and update their own equipment for companies.
The project team. Winners BlockchainEnergy Hackathon 2018.
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