A system that allows a doctor to prescribe a prescription for a patient. Allows you to order prescription drugs online. Guarantees delivery of genuine medicines from the manufacturer. Stores a reliable registry with patient history. The technology includes the use of blockchain technology, applications and IoT devices.
About project
HealthChain is a system that takes information from a doctor about a prescribed prescription for a medicine to a specific patient. Gives the opportunity to order this medicine from the manufacturer online. The chip is attached to the medicine from the manufacturer and delivery to a specific patient is guaranteed. All information is recorded in a secure distributed registry. The system works in the blockchain's open network - Ethereum, but can be transferred to a private blockchain - Hyperledger. It consists of a smart contract that manages the system and embedded IoT devices in the system to guarantee the authenticity of the drug, as well as a mobile and Web application for sending information to the Blockchain and making changes to the system.
Technical solutions
System structure
We have worked out the optimal structure of the system:
1. A smart contract is created by a doctor for a specific prescription and then can be assigned to different patients.
2. The manufacturer of the drug accesses the smart contract and checks the permission for the patient.
3. The manufacturer sends the medicine with an IoT chip with a sewn private key
4. The patient verifies the authenticity of the drug using an electronic signature.
Smart contract
It is located in the blockchain network, implements a protected interaction of agents: doctor, patient, manufacturer, IoT tag.
It is created for a specific type of medication, contains a list of patients who are assigned and the number. Performs verification and verification for the sale of medicines. Keeps the public key and guarantees the authenticity of the medicine. Provides an authentication mechanism using an electronic signature.
As MVP, the described system is fully implemented in the Rinkeby test network.
An interface for creating a prescription for the doctor and a mobile application for the patient are implemented as external interfaces.
Solvable problems
Order prescription drugs online
The system allows you to safely order medicines online. At the same time accurately track who, in what quantities, what drugs received. Especially important for complex diseases with complex drugs.
Transparent market distribution of medical products
Storing in a securely distributed registry the history of medicines prescribed by each doctor, tracking the delivery of drugs from the manufacturer to the consumer.
Easy implementation
For the doctor, the implementation is to add an individual user ID who is assigned medication. The creation of a smart contract is being introduced into the current electronic prescription drug system.
The project team. Winners HackUPC Hackathon 2018 in Spain (Barcelona).
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