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Platform for decentralized quest creation and secure communication between participants and creators.
About project
MapChain is a decentralized platform for creating quests in the real world. Any person in the world can create their own quest, any other person can find the right quest by description and cost and complete it. The authenticity and reliability of the quest is guaranteed by the rating recorded in Blockchain. The passage of the quest is gradually controlled by a smart contract, which allows you to finish the passage at any time and collect the remaining funds. The platform is implemented in the open network Ethereum and presents dApp on a mobile device.
Technical solutions
System structure
We have worked out the optimal structure of the system:
1. Smart contract is created by the owner of the quest
2. The player makes a deposit in the smart contract and receives tasks for the quest in stages
3. At each stage, the player confirms the transition to the next and transfers part of the cost to the creator of the quest.
Smart contract
It is located in the blockchain network; it provides secure interaction between agents: the creator of the quest and the players.
Accepts deposit from the tenant at the beginning of work, from the player's mobile application and deducts payment for resources from the deposit, returns the earned funds to the owner and balances to the tenant.
Mobile app
Requesting information from a smart contract. They provide a convenient interface for completing quests, including a description, navigation, and video.
Read and transmit information about the transition to the next stage of the quest in a smart contract. Collects feedback and rating and writes to Blockchain.
Technology benefits
Anyone can do their own quest and anyone else can start it, without any intermediaries.
Thanks to the blockchain technology, reviews and information about the creator of the quest, the quest and the player are remembered and used to create a rating. The entire transaction history is recorded.
Flexible cost
For any reason, at any time a player can stop completing the quest and pick up the rest of the deposit.
MapChain project team. Winners Hack.Moscow Hackathon 2018.
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