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Technical audit

We provide an analysis of the use of the best technologies on the market to solve the problem
Let's test hypotheses
We will offer an individual product to the requirements of the company.
90% of projects in companies do not take off due to insufficient elaboration
(They DO NOT work and DO NOT solve the task)
Our offer
Technical analysis of the idea
View existing solutions on the market and offer the most suitable solutions.
To disassemble the idea in parts and present in the form of a possible technical implementation.
Conduct initial hypothesis testing using in-depth interviews and focus group work.
Develop a quick prototype to evaluate a hypothesis.
Project cost estimation
We will evaluate the benefits of introducing the technology based on market analysis and successful cases in this area.
We will evaluate the financial and time costs of implementing the technology with the guarantee of our implementation.
Work stages
Free-form idea from the client
We accept a custom task description format from the client. We will draw up the necessary questions for the evaluation of the project.
Beginning of work
To start work as soon as possible, we offer our initial package of services for technical analysis of the project at 50 o'clock. We will carry out a formalization and initial analysis of the project and provide a report from which further steps of development and deepening will be visible.
Together with the client we will discuss the results and possible steps for the development of the project. We will form a common vision and goals. After that, we will accurately evaluate the stages of work and the number of hours for each stage. After each step, we will prepare a report and adjust our actions.
Our cases
Task: to analyze indoor-navigation technology.

The result of work:
- Full technology report
- Compilation of hypotheses on working with technology
- Conducting in-depth interviews with hypermarket customers
- Estimation of the cost of implementation
Objective: to analyze the cost of developing a blockchain project

The result of work:
- The project was decomposed
- Estimated cost of development
- Estimation of system costs during implementation
Who we are
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